Artworx Adieu

As long-time customers of Artworx can surmise, it has been a while since any changes or modifications have been made to our website and especially to our Strip Poker game. Strip Poker and our bridge-playing program (Bridge 3.0 through Bridge 8) were our longest and best-selling programs ever since Artworx opened its doors for business in 1980 (has it been that long?). What a blast it has been! That's the main reason Artworx is still around. I have kept Artworx alive as a virtual company on the internet for more years than I had planned since "retiring" to Florida (from chilly upstate NY) almost 15 years ago. Artworx became more of a hobby than a business since that move and I didn't have the heart to "pull the plug." But it is now time for me to step aside and cast Artworx adrift. While I will keep the Artworx website alive, (more to keep my email address than any other reason) you will find that Strip Poker and all the opponents we have created over the years will disappear from on November first.

My choices for the future are several and I am happy with any of them. If you are interested in my options for Artworx, click here . I would be happy to hear from anyone on the long list of friends of Artworx, or those who might be interested in suggestions for keeping the company open after September.

Arthur Walsh
Artworx Software Co.

Naples, FL

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