Artworx' Bridge 8.0

Improve your bridge game with Bridge 8.0!

Try before you buy! Download a free demo of Bridge 8.0 for the IBM (file size: 250K) or Macintosh (510K).

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Bridge 8.0 is a complete bridge playing program in which you and your computer partner bid against two computer opponents and then play out the hand. It it the perfect bridge game for:
Bridge 8.0 includes an on-line bridge tutorial covering all aspects of the game. A handy editorallows you to create specific hands to practice your bidding and play.
Intermediate Players:
Improve your bridge skills by playing bridge any time the urge strikes! Not only does Bridge 8.0 deal millions of randomly generated hands, it also has an extensive hint mode that covers all bidding situations. Don't know what to bid? Ask Bridge 8.0- it will tell you and give you the reason!
Advanced Players:
Take advantage of all the advanced features of Bridge 8.0. Play contract or duplicate bridge. Bidding is Standard American five-card majors with Stayman, Blackwood and Gerber conventions. Choose weak or strong 2-bids. Modify your partner's and opponents' bidding styles. Go ahead, make a pre-empt bid or a take out double, Bridge 8.0 will know what to do!

Available for IBM and Macintosh.

Price: $54.95

Bridge is a game of skill, hard to master, and it is nothing comparable to simple games of chance!

Did you know? Bridge 8.0 is the longest continuously published bridge game for computers. It was originally coded in 1977 on one of the first "micro-computers" as a diversion from more important work at a large company in Rochester, NY. It was first released to the public as Bridge 2.0 in 1978 and when Artworx was started, it was updated to Bridge 3.0. At various times, it was available for the Apple II, TRS-80, Atari (8-bit and ST), North Star, CP/M, Commodore Pet, VIC 20, Commodore 64, Amiga, Macintosh and PC. Bridge 2.0 and 3.0 had to fit in just 8K of RAM to run on those early computers!